I’m lucky enough to work from home designing and making jewellery for my label Zen Designs. This job is both challenging and rewarding, and I can quite easily lose several hours while playing in my studio. Sometimes my head is so full of new designs, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else, especially ironing!

My partner in every adventure is my very patient husband John, without whom I wouldn’t have a business, because there doesn’t seem to be a techy challenge he won’t tackle. Very handy when the most technical thing I’ve ever mastered is a stapler!  Our goal is to both establish home-based businesses, that we can run from our dream farm. At the moment, “the farm” is a small vegie patch in the back yard….gotta have a dream. Luckily he’s the practical soul in the household, as I’m sometimes off with the fairies when it comes to the realities of everyday life.

Our daughter Bella is the reason I want to work from home. I can be around to get her off to school and pick her up, and enjoy all her little milestones before she gets to the age when it’s just not cool to have your mum around. She lives for creating, anything from making a decoupaged rabbit or diorama centrepiece for the Christmas lunch table, to writing a song about noodles. I’ve always told her anything is possible, and really hope she goes for  whatever is going to make her happy in life.

I’ve had a go at many different jobs, and think this may be the one I’m meant to do. Working from home is great, but certainly not the organized, lovely, coffee-sharing idea I had when I started. It has it’s own unique challenges, but I’m thinking this ride has come along just at the time in my life when I needed a bit of a shake-up….hold on, it could get bumpy!

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