Delightful Little Time Wasters.

Mother’s Day is always a busy one for us, catching up with family to celebrate. But this year it was extra crazy with three new babies in our house! No, I didn’t give birth to triplets out of the blue, a kitten and two puppies have joined our family.

We lost our beloved cat Ruby a few weeks ago, and after almost 13 years of having a little furry member of the family around all the time, it was too quiet…..famous last words. We now have 12 week-old twins Lola and Lulu, and 11 week-old Violet, and seriously no more quiet.

These little rascals are making sure that I don’t have any spare time. I’d forgotten just how easily time can slip away when you have gorgeous distractions like this. So now it’s all about litter, squeaky toys, scratching posts and puppy pre-school. And I can’t believe just how mischievous they are: Lulu fell in the pool the first day home, Violet slipped into the bath with Bella last night, and Lola is barking at the BIG dog next door like she’s a great dane!

Funny how before we got them, the plan was that everyone would pitch in, but now both Bell and John are extremely busy whenever there’s a mess to clean up! I have noticed however that they both have plenty of spare time when the “kids” want to play. These three little girls have really shaken up our peaceful household, and I’m sure there’s plenty more adventures to come.


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