This Old Hippy.

IMG_0017 by Deadicated
IMG_0017, a photo by Deadicated on Flickr.

We were having a cruisey Friday night dinner, takeaway and a couple of glasses of wine. When Bell dropped some food on the floor, and I didn’t tell her to pick it up, she looked at me for a second before speaking. “Mum, aren’t you going to tell me to get it?”. When I said I couldn’t really be bothered, she came back with “Wow mum, no more wine for you, you’re turning into a hippy!!”.

John and I both cracked up, she thought I was being so slack, and it made me realize two things. Our kids must think we were always this old/responsible/boring. If only they saw how different our priorities were back in “the old days”, before parenthood. And, maybe I do stress a little bit too much about the little things sometimes. I know I’m not the only mother who has found herself focussing on stuff that doesn’t really matter, but how easy is it to get caught up in the really not-so-important things?

I’m doing my best to become less of a control freak, but it’s a habit that’s going to be hard to break. I like to know things are running smoothly, but maybe every now and then I could let it go a bit. It’s not all organized at our place, just like every family we are slack about stuff. I’ve just got to learn to chill out a bit about the little things that aren’t really going to matter in the long run.

I must say though, my girl doesn’t seem to mind having a former hippy for a mum when she’s playing her guitar, and I’m dancing around with a tambourine. I just don’t think she’ll be posting the vision on Youtube any time soon.

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