Not The Hair!!!



Bell has decided that she wants to blend in. At 9 years old that’s not a bad thing, but the blending is all about her hair. Ever since she had her first haircut when she was tiny, I’ve kept her hair in a bob, as it just falls so beautifully. She’s been lucky enough to inherit the gorgeous straight hair of her dad, the straight hair that has me slaving over a straightening iron every morning to achieve. But now, thanks to Marcia, Marcia, Marcia on the Brady Bunch, she longs for wavy honey-coloured locks.

I must say, being as blonde as I was when I was a child, I guess I always imagined having a daughter with fair hair. I never factored in that I may fall for a beautiful Asian specimen with a waterfall of thick black hair down to his waist! So when Bell was born with a black, fluffy mop, I was kind of like “oh yeah, that’s right, of course she’s not blonde!”.

So in the last year or so, and in no small way thanks to Brady bunch re-runs, she has decided that when she grows up, she will have a flowing blonde ‘do, with no hint of a straight fringe. I honestly never think she looks Chinese, and am sometimes quite surprised when people comment on this. Yes, I think she is way more like John than me, but somehow this doesn’t compute in how I see them. To me they are just the husband and daughter that look like themselves.

I know Bell and I are going to have many battles over hair, clothes, whatever as she gets older, and I’ll be a little sad to see her sleek little bob fade away. But as with all aspects of growing up, I’ll just take it as it comes. I just can’t help but wish I’d been as lucky as her in the hair lottery.

4 thoughts on “Not The Hair!!!

  1. This is where it all starts Lisa, MIss L used to have bob at Bel’s age….and she didn’t like being called “mini-Mummi” ( after her paternal Grandmother), whom also had a bob….so that was that…the fringe disappeared and the hair just grew! First steps to independence….and yes, it tears at the heartstrings… Jx

  2. I had to giggle, when my sons were born I thought the same “oh of course they are dark-haired”. My husband takes after his spanish mother in colour and my side are english/german mongrels so I expected bald or blonde. I don’t have a daughter so I can’t advise but I remember my mother let me change my hair and I really wish she didn’t! Compromise? Good luck! xx Fi

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