Delightful Little Time Wasters.

Mother’s Day is always a busy one for us, catching up with family to celebrate. But this year it was extra crazy with three new babies in our house! No, I didn’t give birth to triplets out of the blue, a kitten and two puppies have joined our family.

We lost our beloved cat Ruby a few weeks ago, and after almost 13 years of having a little furry member of the family around all the time, it was too quiet…..famous last words. We now have 12 week-old twins Lola and Lulu, and 11 week-old Violet, and seriously no more quiet.

These little rascals are making sure that I don’t have any spare time. I’d forgotten just how easily time can slip away when you have gorgeous distractions like this. So now it’s all about litter, squeaky toys, scratching posts and puppy pre-school. And I can’t believe just how mischievous they are: Lulu fell in the pool the first day home, Violet slipped into the bath with Bella last night, and Lola is barking at the BIG dog next door like she’s a great dane!

Funny how before we got them, the plan was that everyone would pitch in, but now both Bell and John are extremely busy whenever there’s a mess to clean up! I have noticed however that they both have plenty of spare time when the “kids” want to play. These three little girls have really shaken up our peaceful household, and I’m sure there’s plenty more adventures to come.


This Old Hippy.

IMG_0017 by Deadicated
IMG_0017, a photo by Deadicated on Flickr.

We were having a cruisey Friday night dinner, takeaway and a couple of glasses of wine. When Bell dropped some food on the floor, and I didn’t tell her to pick it up, she looked at me for a second before speaking. “Mum, aren’t you going to tell me to get it?”. When I said I couldn’t really be bothered, she came back with “Wow mum, no more wine for you, you’re turning into a hippy!!”.

John and I both cracked up, she thought I was being so slack, and it made me realize two things. Our kids must think we were always this old/responsible/boring. If only they saw how different our priorities were back in “the old days”, before parenthood. And, maybe I do stress a little bit too much about the little things sometimes. I know I’m not the only mother who has found herself focussing on stuff that doesn’t really matter, but how easy is it to get caught up in the really not-so-important things?

I’m doing my best to become less of a control freak, but it’s a habit that’s going to be hard to break. I like to know things are running smoothly, but maybe every now and then I could let it go a bit. It’s not all organized at our place, just like every family we are slack about stuff. I’ve just got to learn to chill out a bit about the little things that aren’t really going to matter in the long run.

I must say though, my girl doesn’t seem to mind having a former hippy for a mum when she’s playing her guitar, and I’m dancing around with a tambourine. I just don’t think she’ll be posting the vision on Youtube any time soon.

Not The Hair!!!



Bell has decided that she wants to blend in. At 9 years old that’s not a bad thing, but the blending is all about her hair. Ever since she had her first haircut when she was tiny, I’ve kept her hair in a bob, as it just falls so beautifully. She’s been lucky enough to inherit the gorgeous straight hair of her dad, the straight hair that has me slaving over a straightening iron every morning to achieve. But now, thanks to Marcia, Marcia, Marcia on the Brady Bunch, she longs for wavy honey-coloured locks.

I must say, being as blonde as I was when I was a child, I guess I always imagined having a daughter with fair hair. I never factored in that I may fall for a beautiful Asian specimen with a waterfall of thick black hair down to his waist! So when Bell was born with a black, fluffy mop, I was kind of like “oh yeah, that’s right, of course she’s not blonde!”.

So in the last year or so, and in no small way thanks to Brady bunch re-runs, she has decided that when she grows up, she will have a flowing blonde ‘do, with no hint of a straight fringe. I honestly never think she looks Chinese, and am sometimes quite surprised when people comment on this. Yes, I think she is way more like John than me, but somehow this doesn’t compute in how I see them. To me they are just the husband and daughter that look like themselves.

I know Bell and I are going to have many battles over hair, clothes, whatever as she gets older, and I’ll be a little sad to see her sleek little bob fade away. But as with all aspects of growing up, I’ll just take it as it comes. I just can’t help but wish I’d been as lucky as her in the hair lottery.

Credit Where Credit’s Due.

coffee:magazine by monkey_pushover_tree
coffee:magazine, a photo by monkey_pushover_tree on Flickr.

This morning, on the way home from a meeting, I got to sneak off to my favourite coffee shop with a fresh new magazine for an hour of “me time”. I was so excited, you’d think I was going to see Prince live on stage (aahhh, the memories of the best concert I’ve ever been to…..). So yep, coffee, mag and I could see the perfect little dark corner, but when I sat down, I realized I was right next door to two women and one 3-year-old!

I was so disappointed, I just knew this was not going to be a peaceful break, but guess what? Yes, I did hear a few games of “I Spy” in between the mums’ hushed convo, but it really didn’t spoil my coffee/reading in the least. In fact, it took me back just a couple of years to when Bell and I would spend our mornings doing exactly the same thing. I Spy is still big in our house, by the way, but now our coffee dates are usually taken up with big school talk.

I got to read the whole magazine, MindFood = heaven, and recaffeinate myself for almost a whole hour. I also got a few giggles as her squeaky little voice bubbled away. As I was leaving, I had to stop and let the mum know what a well-behaved little girl she has. I’m sure she thought I was stopping at her table to have a dig, and her face lit up when I told her what a little possum she had.

I know sometimes others can creep into our “space”, but every now and then this can be a positive thing. I think I just may start a game of I Spy on the drive home from school today.



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