The Beehive Makes A Comeback.

Untitled by kkolaja
Untitled, a photo by kkolaja on Flickr.

We’re having such a lovely relaxing Easter break, doing nothing much but hanging out. John actually has 4 whole days off work, and since we’re halfway through the school holidays, I’m starting to thaw out a bit. Bella’s even in relax mode, doing nice quiet stuff, except for little bursts of whistling every now and then.

We’d had our Monopoly championship this morning, and I wondered what she was up to after about 90 minutes of peace. I was surprised to find her quietly playing with her Barbie dolls. She has stages of playing with the girls, but has never really been a dolly fan. I wandered in to where she was playing, and she told me I was just in time for the catwalk show, so I should take a seat.

The show consisted of all 7 Barbies, some real and some cheap knockoffs, parading up and down the coffee table catwalk in different outfits. Most of these creations were simply scraps of fabric wrapped in different styles, and some actually looked quite cool! The hair was definitely the highlight, with the beehive dominating the day, after I told her that’s how her Nanna wore her hair when I was little.

I love that in the age of technology, when Angry Birds are frequent visitors in our house, simple plastic dolls and imagination can fill so much time. I hope that Bell always enjoys little things like this, sometimes life can get too busy.

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8 thoughts on “The Beehive Makes A Comeback.

  1. LOVE this Lis 😉 My two have been putting on shows for me with their $3 toy microphones from Big W… the sofa bed/couch becomes the stage & they sing all sorts of songs. Nice to get back to basics 😉

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