What Do You Do When The Wheels Fall Off?

Untitled by Gabi~
Untitled, a photo by Gabi~ on Flickr.

Last week the wheels fell off……everything! I had been sick for a few days, but because I had so much to do, just kept working through it. Apparently that was a bad move, because I’d let my health come a very poor second to my work, and consequently by the beginning of last week, I was absolutely out of steam. I ended up with several doctor’s appointments, tests, x-rays, the lot. Now I’m taking the prescribed medication, and trying to slow down just a little bit to get back to normal health.

I think this is a common scenario for most mums, the jobs need to get done, and you’re the one to take care of that. Factor in also your job, and that makes it all the more stressful. When you’re working for someone else, chances are, there is someone else on staff who can cover your workload for a day or two. When you are the entire company, that luxury is usually just a dream.
So, I had a huge week planned, several business opportunities had presented themselves and needed actioning, at least a million new ideas were swirling around in my head and the new Zen Designs range was all ready to be put online and launched. All this on top of the normal life stuff that needs to happen, including early starts and late finishes at school for Bella. Thank goodness John took on most of the cooking duties (read: much mess in kitchen), and most of my orders were up to date.

The thing is, when you’re doing it on your own in business, you really do have to stay on top of your own health. This sounds quite obvious, but it’s too easy to put everyone else first, and not take notice of any warning signs that you may be in for a fall. A good idea is to have measures in place in case you need to take a few days off. Also having a good support network is a huge asset. If you have customers, let them know orders may be a little late. If you have suppliers, keep them in the loop. And most importantly, if you are offered help from family and friends, take it!

Hopefully I’m back on track for this week, and the new Zen Designs range will be up and running. The photos are all ready to go, and I think they look quite good. I’ve also got another business idea forming in my over-active brain that needs researching, so stay tuned for something completely different…..guess I’ll be tackling that one in my spare time.

As mums, I think it’s a natural instinct to want to do it all ourselves. Just try to be a little kind to yourself, and maybe have a little break every now and then. Stay healthy.

7 thoughts on “What Do You Do When The Wheels Fall Off?

  1. Oh Lisa, you darling girl. I fervently hope you’re feeling chipper again. I can’t imagine the stress you must have felt.

    I am sure your new range with be a wonderful success if any of the delightful treasures I received in your generous giveaway are indicative of the quality! J x

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