When Is A Wonton, Not A Wonton? When it’s A Dumpling.

I do not enjoy cooking. I love to eat (really love!!), but the preparing, cooking and presentation of food….not so much. This is something John simply can’t understand. He LOVES cooking, especially when there is great mess to be made. Apparently it tastes better the more pots/pans/dishes you use, and if there is something sticky and slippery on the floor after he’s prepared the meal, it must be a gastronomic delight!
So, it’s taken him quite a while to realize that lunch will not be a “meal” in our house. I can easily get through the middle of the day with a couple of extra coffees and some rice crackers and hommus. Yes I know, I know, then I wonder why I’m ready to eat a whole chocolate cake at 4.00 o’clock!

Because John is a nightshift worker, he’s around during the day and expects to be fed. I’ve made it quite clear that I will do breakfast and dinner, but lunch….sorry, you’re on your own. So, not being a great fan of the kitchen (don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to be just like Nigella. Her wardrobe is quite lovely, and all those appliances look like a bit of fun), I also jump at the offer of dinner out.

We went to our favourite Chinese restaurant the other night, certainly not local, but definitely authentic. Deciding to try some different dishes to our usuals, I liked the look of “BBQ pork in plum sauce with pineapple”. John tried to warn me that this sounded suspiciously like sweet & sour, but know-it-all me just had to give it a go. So, we all had a little bit of everything, except I just couldn’t stop myself from going to town on this new tangy delight. Sadly, his suspicions seemed to be pretty spot on, “sweet & sour is a great hiding place for older meat”. Yep, that drive home seemed to take forever, and I’m pretty sure I’ll listen to the great foodie from now on. I just won’t ever admit it to him.

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