I Married A Geek….Luckily

Geeks Are Sexy Magnet by KillTaupe
Geeks Are Sexy Magnet, a photo by KillTaupe on Flickr.

My parents loved John right from the start. Even though he was a spring chicken compared to me when we met (still is), had hair down to his waist (still does) and raced motorbikes (still trying to convince me he should get back into it). But, he was always very respectful and had a good job, so in their eyes he was a keeper.

I’m not proud to say that this was a first in the boyfriend department, as most of them were a bit light on goal setting/achieving. But this gorgeous boy was very different, and I think I knew right from the start that he was “the one”.

We started, as many relationships do, as friends, and just fell into the natural rhythm of spending all our time together. It certainly wasn’t an easy relationship from the start. Not only did most people think the age gap was a big deal, but also, because he’s Chinese and I’m not, his family didn’t think I was great prospective wife material. Luckily we had a lot of common interests, so didn’t really care what other people thought, and haven’t been apart since our first date, over 13 years ago. He was sent overseas for work twice in the last year, and I have to say Skype is a wondrous invention.

The in-laws did their best to believe I wasn’t sticking around, with the language barrier coming in very handy. I think they started to get a bit nervous when we bought our first house and really panicked when we announced we were pregnant. But when we got married 8 weeks before Bella was born, they finally faced the sad truth that the bloodline would no longer be pure. We had a registry office ceremony with close friends and family, then went to a restaurant to celebrate, and I can honestly say that I didn’t stop smiling the whole day. Yes, it was very hot (end of February in Queensland) and yes I was very big (all good from the back, but en elephant from the front), but it was the most gorgeous little “I Love You” day ever! We then had a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony performed by the in-laws, and the whole day felt so perfect.

So yes, we’ve been together forever in today’s terms, and I think the main reason is that he “gets me”. He knows that once I get an idea in my head, it’s easier just to go with it than give me the realities about why it may not work. I’ve had a go at quite a few different job ideas since we met, and he’s been supportive of every brilliant idea I’ve had…..then picked me up when most of them failed! I’m also very lucky that he knows his way around technology, something that I find totally terrifying. If it wasn’t for John, I wouldn’t have my website, custom built for Zen Designs, or a blog, or know how to send an email!! Yes really, I’m that computer-challenged. So, thanks to him I’m gradually being dragged into the 21st Century, just don’t ever ask me to send a fax.

I don’t really know if I believe that everyone has a soulmate, or if our destiny is written in the stars, but I definitely believe that I have met the person who I am meant to be with. Yes we fight, and have differing views on many things, but if we were always agreeing on everything life would be so boring, and I do like a challenge. For me the biggest support in starting a business of my own from home has been having a partner who knows when I’m genuinely struggling, and when to let me stumble a little bit. I’ve learnt to handle the problems, but also know that if it gets too heavy, I can yell for help.

Do you have a person in your life that supports your choice of job, and in what ways do they help you?

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