Today I’m Grateful

Hold my hand by Fivel-
Hold my hand, a photo by Fivel- on Flickr.

Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to a friend. She lost her battle with a foe that was just too strong, and even though she put up a mighty fight, now it’s time for her to move on to whatever comes after this life. She wasn’t ready to go, nor should she have been, in the prime of her life, but I guess that’s why we should live every day to the fullest.

I’m thinking about all I’m grateful for, and my list is just never ending. But, when it all comes down to the basics, I’m grateful that I can still hold hands. Sounds a bit strange, but I’m here, and that means that I can still physically hold the hands of people I love. I can hold hands with my daughter, husband, mum, sister, auntie, uncle……because I’m here, and for that I’m grateful.

It’s so very easy to get caught up with thoughts of what we don’t have… I’m grateful for what I do have.

Goodbye J, wherever you are will surely be a better place for your presence.


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8 thoughts on “Today I’m Grateful

  1. Oh Lisa, I’m just so sorry to read this. What a terrible shame. Your wish to hand-hold is wonderful. Make sure you take photos of them all – I am eternally grateful I had Mum take a photo of Dad holding my hand before he died. J x

  2. Oh, this is so sad. Your words are a beautiful reminder that the simple comforts are so important. I am very sorry that you will have to say goodbye to your friend too soon. x

  3. Hi Lisa, I’m visiting from Maxabella and I’m so sorry to read this post. I’m glad the service was beautiful, but it’s such a shame there had to be one for someone taken before they should be. xx

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