Zen Designs Giveaway

Zen Designs (that’s me actually) is halfway through creating a new range and would love some feedback. For your chance to win a fabulous prize package valued at $200, simply leave a comment telling me what you would like to see in the new range. The prize is a collection of old favourites and some new goodies.

The lucky winner will receive: 1 Beaten Cross Necklace, 1 Turquoise Heart Bracelet, 1 Heart Wish Bracelet, 1 Boho Stack, 3 Because Bracelets, 1 Angel Wing Earrings and 1 Boho Charm Wrap. The winner of this prize will be chosen using Random.Org on Tuesday 31st January, and announced on this blog.

Make sure you spread the word, send new likers to the Home/Work/Mum Facebook page to be in the running for a mystery prize. The person who refers the most, will win a Zen Designs piece (or two), so make sure they tell me who sent them.

Conditions: 1 entry per person. Open to Australian residents only.

To see more of the Zen Designs range go to www.zendesigns.com.au

Good luck!

56 thoughts on “Zen Designs Giveaway

  1. Hi Lisa

    I love your designs!

    For me, I’d like to see some more feminine styles. Some soft pinks and pale greens and particulary some torquious colours through your range.

    Also while I love the idea of the chimes in the pendants they’re not so practical for work. Some more options with various pendants would be great. As far as pendants go perhaps some with a better range of symbols for strength, growth, peace etc.

    Additionally I’m currently loving the jewellery with affermations or key words to remind you of what is important on the jewellery.

    Hope that helps some and all the best with the new range! Can’t wait!

    Jols xx

    • Thanks Jols, great feedback! There’s a new turquoise bracelet (can sort of see it in the photo), with a beautiful engraved heart on it. I love using turquoise as it is very good for clearing negative feelings and giving strength….and it’s also pretty πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Lisa! Love Zen designs & look forward to seeing your new collection.
    Id love to see bracelets made from little wooden beads in single colours eg: a tangerine, a bright blue. Also adore when words are attached like, peace, love, be present.
    Also like bracelets made using shells for a beachy feel.
    Good luck!
    Charmaine xx

    • Char, you’ve been spying on me! I’m working with some beautiful BRIGHT wooden beads, and they’re gorgeous! Tangerine is the big colour for 2012, so I’m using lots of that happy shade at the moment. Have used some shells previously, so we may try them again, personally I love them.

  3. I ADORE all of my Zen Designs items and often get asked where I get them from. I LOVE the Affirmation and Karma bracelets and have started collecting them for my daughter. I would really really LOVE to see a Tween – Teen range. Will speak with Miss 12 and email you her thoughts on that, I do know she often steals my bracelets to wear with her bracelets. (unless I hide them well that is)…. Perhaps a Mumma / Daughter Love matching range!
    I cannot wait to see what the newest items are, I already have a bit of a list in place for birthdays planned for this year.

    I cherish our friendship

  4. Hi Lisa…. I love your stuff… or else I wouldn’t be here right… personally I really like the silver and black designs… its a classy look for someone with me who can’t match colours to outfits. I also love the single colour ones, and the leather wraps… it means it will fit on any arm!
    Keep on keeping on xoxo

  5. Hi Lisa!!!!
    You know already how much i love Zen Designs πŸ™‚
    I love your 6ft wraps, and would love to see different combos of colours and textures through them. I’m an earthy colours girl (hence the gardening obsession) so i love browns, beiges, deep greens, deep reds, anything affiliated with nature and connecting with mother earth πŸ™‚
    Good luck with everything – will be sharing this page with ALL my friends!!
    Em xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Em, you just described my favourite colour combos! I also love anything with texture, I’ve always collected pieces of fabric with texture, just wish I could sew, to make something with them πŸ™‚
      I’m drawn to any earthy colours, and green is my all time fave.

  6. Lisa,
    You already know I adore your work!! I love purple so I’d love to see some different purple coloured beads..but I do love yellow and greeny/blues too! I love the wish bracelet and will be ordering one for myself when I can, but I’d love to see some new charms too! πŸ™‚
    All the best for your giveaway, I’m off to share it now πŸ™‚

    • Jodie-lee, I’ve jsut got some very cool millefiori glass beads in purple, so will be working them in to some designs. I’m putting the wish ball on a new bracelet (in the photo too), and have a few new charms to feature as well. My favourite is the new engraved heart charm, love it!!

  7. Hi Lisa, I was given one of your beautiful bracelets for my birthday (my wonderful daughter-in-law Jodie-Lee organized it for me). I absolutely love the chimes, and purposely wear it with another silver bracelet so it chimes even more! I love sterling silver, so if more silver fitted in with your new range, I would think that was really special.

    • Hi Robyn, good to hear you were treated!! She’s a doll that girl. Great idea to get the chime working, I love silver too and will be including more of the Hill Tribe silver in future pieces.

  8. I wear your yellow resin bangle and your yellow ‘Be Yourself’ bracelet. Loving the yellow. Would love more yellow. Yellow, yellow, yellow.

    Did I mention? I love yellow.

    Love your work!
    Kate xx

  9. Wow! Your use of stones gives me happy goose bumps, I love the simplicity of the designs, not too crowded, but still very powerful! Also love the bird earrings on your linked page! Beautiful work!

  10. Hi,

    I just found these and love them. Would love to see a different range of colours (maybe pinks?) and black items. I also live things with writing on them.


  11. Hi Lisa,

    I stay up to date with Zen Designs on Facebook & through Sunny Mummy. Although, I mustn’t be that up to speed as this is my first visit to your blog *blushes* πŸ˜‰ Happens to us busy mums, though!!

    Personally, I find all of your jewellery inspiring & uplifting- viewing your pieces make me really happy {as strage as that may sound!}. The colours & texture are divine!!
    I love earth tones too, leather & native indian inspired charms/influences- if you’re ever stuck for some design inspiration.
    Keep up the beautiful work, you do a great job πŸ™‚ xx

    • Hi Lindy,

      Don’t feel bad, it’s all new πŸ™‚

      How lovely that ZD makes you feel happy…..it’s achieved it’s purpose. I love neutrals and earthy tones too, so they’ll always be in the range in some form.


  12. Hey Lis

    Well you know how much I love your stuff πŸ˜‰ lol..

    I love anything that reminds me of my babies too… little boy & girl charms..that kind of thing.

    I LOVE the Karma stacks… maybe some different colour combos on that? Eg a theme of oranges/tangeriny/yellowy/corally type colours, something like that?

    Steph xo

    • Hey Steph,

      Yes lovely, you’re a wonderful ZD supporter! Good idea about the charms, I have some little girls, just looking for the boys.

      As for the Karma Stacks, those colours are very “on trend” with tangerine being the Panetone colour for 2012. So you are a very fashionable mama xx

  13. Hey Lisa,

    I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see more earings πŸ™‚ Some nice simple pieces to match your necklace and bracelet designs would be fantastic…and earings are always a great affordable option for a little thoughtful gift πŸ™‚

    Ange xxx

  14. Hey beautiful!!!

    You know i love all your work!! But I would love to see some slightly
    Chunkier pendants on necklaces and some pretty Girly combinations or colours that I’m loving right now the pale and dark pinks and the aquas particularly in bracelets. And of course more yellow!! I would also love some pale blues an greens and clear all different sized beads in a necklace too!! Ok so this is my wish list for me!! I would also like to see more of you as I love your company ha ha xoxox

  15. Hi Lisa, I really love your creations, especially the Resin range. I am really in to chunky round wooden beads at the moment, in bright colours. Today I am wearing a bright orange top with aqua wooden beads, it makes feel so happy! Yellows and Oranges are my top colours for the new year πŸ™‚

  16. I love Zen Designs!

    At the moment, I love silver & black, especially loving the dark wood beads with silver pendants.
    Loving earings at the moment, my sunny mummy secret Santa sent me these beautiful dangle silver dragon fly earings. So something
    to match them would be great πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait to see the new Zen Design babies

    Ida xo

  17. Love these designs – really gorgeous! Im leaving this page open on my PC so hubby can “find” it and take the hint that I want some new bangles for Valentines Day!!!!

  18. Lisa, LOVE your designs and can’t wait for the new range! I’d love to see some peach/coral colours (fav colour of mine at the moment! hehe) and I’m agreeing with the other girls, I’d love to see some matching earrings xox ❀

  19. Hi Lis, I would love to see pastels, always been a pretty things girl, plus I constantly wear black, all black so your jewelry is how I add colour (yellow!!!!)
    I am sure the new line will be fabulous!
    Sarah xx

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