When Are You Getting A Real Job, Love?

My mum thinks I’m quite clever at making things, kind of like doing a craft class every day. But it’s just not a real job is it? No matter how many people actually pay for my wares, how many reviews are done on Zen Designs or how much positive feedback I get, she still doesn’t think it’s something that people do for work. It’s OK if you work for Tiffany & Co. or Michael Hill (similar no?), but doesn’t count if you made the company up yourself.

I’ve found that many homeworkers come across similar attitudes: unless you’re employed by someone else or work outside your home, it’s just a hobby. This can be particularly frustrating when you’ve just had a big win and the person you’re sharing your great news with is less than dazzled, because it’s just not a real job.

Because of this, I’ve found myself sharing my business news with some people more than others, then when something big happens the others almost fall over backwards, “Wow, that was out of the blue!!”.

Surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging people is a big plus when you are quite often working solo most of the time, and it makes a huge difference to your own attitude to hear “you can do it” rather than “do you really think you should?”. Of course I don’t expect everyone to be encouraging about everything I do. Seriously, I wish I’d been discouraged about certain decisions on more than one occasion. But being positive when I share something that I’m obviously proud of? Yes please!

Do you come across many people who treat your chosen field as a hobby, and how do you best deal with this attitude?


6 thoughts on “When Are You Getting A Real Job, Love?

  1. All the time I getOh so you bake? So do I!! I’m like yeah I bake for two cafes and do catering and then I sometimes get, yeah I cater for guest too!!! Grrr ok so making 50 cakes a week to sell doesn’t class as a job?? Or catering food for a wedding for 100 people!! You know I love your work Lisa!!! Xox

  2. Brie, that’s exactly it! I hardly think baking 50 cakes every week is the same as making scones for a morning tea. I know from experience that your cakes are amazing, and the fact that you keep getting that number of orders really speaks for itself. I have to say I don’t mind your work either, especially with a good coffee xx

  3. I think both of you gorgeous ladies do a brilliant job! I think people who give that kind of response to your successes are jealous, or envious of your talents and ability to create a work-life-family balance. I know for a fact that I am inspired by business women like you! Don’t be discouraged, be encouraged! Xx

  4. Perhaps it’s a generational thing also? Parents always wish the best for us, and often their rather negative projections on what we decide to do with our lives, is merely based on the fact they didn’t have such a choice. I’ve also noticed some even go so far as to assume you should follow in their footsteps and be THEM or you should do what THEY had planned to do in their own life.

    We all have talents, dreams and visions. It takes courage to harness them and follow them and WOW what a ride it is huh?

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