Back To My Muppet Days….

What a lovely morning, air conditioned cinema, a good coffee and The Muppets. I took Bell  and her friend to see the new Muppet movie this morning and it took me waaaay back to my childhood.

It was so nice to watch a movie that was just about singing, dancing, being silly and having fun. Of course there was a message, and yes it was a little bit sad in one place (Bell  commented that she had something in her eye, but I did see her wiping both), but basically a good escape that left you happy as you step back into the real world.

I didn’t realize how much The Muppets were actually tucked away in my memory, and I found myself naming the characters as they apppeared and singing along to the songs….Rainbow Connection anyone?

What characters from your childhood would you like to see in a movie, and do you think your kids would enjoy it as much as you?

click image for source

* I have no affiliation with this movie, just really enjoyed it.

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