You Put Food In Your Tupperware??

 Bell is a hoarder, much like her dad, and they both drive me crazy with it! I try to keep them under control as best I can, but I’m only human! One of the things she likes to tuck away for later is lollies. She has a little group of containers (not Tupperware, they’re reserved for important things like chalk and stickers) that she keeps all her favourites in, obviously for when she needs something yummy. But sadly, I know all her hiding places, and the urge for a sugar hit seems to overtake me when she’s safely at school, and with John asleep until early afternoon, no one is around to look at me disapprovingly. She forgets about them as quickly as she hides them, not a massive sugar fan, but just knowing they’re around haunts me when I’m in one of those energy seeking moods.


I’ve really tried to treat lunchtime as if I’m working away from home, and make a healthy salad or sandwich, but find if I’m on a roll with work, will often go right through until school pickup, having nothing more than coffee. Then of course, around 4 o’clock, I basically inhale anything I see in the fridge. I love to dream that one day I’ll be so successful, I’ll have a chef AND nutritionist to avoid this….doesn’t hurt to dream.

What do you have for lunch at home, and do you prepare it in advance to avoid the sugar crash?

2 thoughts on “You Put Food In Your Tupperware??

  1. Aargh lunch is one of my MAJOR bug bears now that I am working from home. I don’t do sandwiches so if there are no leftovers from dinner the night before, I am in a bind. I usually end up going to the shops for sushi!

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