The View From My Desk Today

This is the view from my desk today. Bell loves going to this office….she doesn’t mind the iced chocolate either.

8 thoughts on “The View From My Desk Today

  1. Lisa, what a wonderful start to your blog. I think you summed yourself ( and probably a lot of us ladies) up very well. Your life sounds amazing and you do such a fantastic job with your jewelery, I know how beautiful it is as I wear mine every day! Keep up the good work xx

  2. I love the view too…..might have to join you in a bloggathon ( is there such a word?????;D). I think we are pretty lucky/blessed living where we are. Just a note on your previous blog and the cooking chocolate….I am very guilty of it too, rummaging through the pantry when the craving hits and shock horror nothing ( MIss L and Snr have found my stash)…so I can relate fully! Keep blogging and looking forward to the next one… Jx

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