Trying To Do It All.

I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of blogging, and really want to play! Working from home can be an isolating thing, and it seems like the blogosphere is a great community that I hope to be a part of.

A bit about me:

  • I’m 47 (what!!!! when did that happen??!!).
  •  Married to John, a very patient man who is 9 years my junior, but soooo much older than me.
  •  Mother to Bella, a beautiful 9-year-old who, when she was little, couldn’t decide if her career was going to be as a policeman, a princess or a tree. But, has since decided it will be either as an artist, photographer or lolly shop owner. Also regularly referred to in our house as Dramatica.
  •  An unrealistic optimist: I honestly believe in my heart, that anything is possible. If it’s something I want to achieve, I’ll give it a go, and always think until the last possible minute, that it’s going to work. I really feel that I get something out of each try….so nothing’s a waste.
  • I love a good adjective, so expect lots of gorgeous, fabulous and lovely.
  • Lists are my best friend and I can never have too many Post-its around.
  • Adopted mum to Ruby, a 3-legged cat who has been a part of our family since she could fit in the palm of my hand. She’s an old lady now, but still thinks she’s a kitten….ignorance is bliss.
  • I work from home, designing and making jewellery, which I sell in my online store Zen Designs.
  • Things I love: my gorgeous family, coffee, the colour green, reading a magazine in a coffee shop by myself, inspirational stories of success, newspapers, writing with pen & paper, singing loudly while I drive, driving, sunrise, living by the ocean, having conversations with my cat, reading recipe books (not cooking), black & white photos, Spring, reality TV (please don’t judge me), reggae music, a fresh pedicure, chocolate anything (have even unashamedly eaten cooking chocolate), a challenge….

I really hope that I have some things to say that you may find interesting, and would love all of your feedback, the good the bad and the hopefully not too ugly.

13 thoughts on “Trying To Do It All.

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging ! I “love” your second last love…..I’ve been guilty of the same “sin” of eating cooking chocolate. What’s a girl to do when there is absolutely no chocolate in the house and the craving is just so overwhelming? Desperation does have its means and ways, but hey, life is too short!!!!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Looking forward to reading your new blog. As a single mum who up to the end of last year worked full time, the balance can so easily get out of whack. Hopefully the New Year has changes in place to better manage this.
    Looking forward to future posts & keep shinin!

    Jols x

  3. Well congratulations Lisa! The only thing I didn’t know here was about your loud singing while driving the car, obviously I haven’t had enough rides with you! However there is one thing you didn’t mention……that you have written a book and had it endorsed by Melissa Doyle! So we are all looking forward to reading more from your desk in the dining room! Love you heaps Lisa xo

  4. Hi Lisa! Thankyou, am in love with your gorgeous blog already.
    Look forward to following the amazing success & happiness you create from a desk in the dining room.

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